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Downloading Workflow Server

Workflow Server is open source project. You can download Windows setup for Workflow Server or build your own from source code. In any case if you plan to start with Workflow Server visit our project's page on sourceforge.net.


The Workflow Server documentation is designed to help with various aspects of the application development. Depending on the reason you came to this page you can try different entry points to start your exploration:

Review the Workflow Server Guide for a from the top down explanation of concepts of the application development using Workflow Server as a platform. All examples used throughout the Workflow Server Guide are taken from the Sample Application. Use the Configuration Reference as a complete guide to the workflow server application configuration files. The Class Library Reference is a comprehensive help on objects and classes to be used when developing the Workflow Server applications. Check out the Coding Standards for a collection of recommended best practices. And finally Tools & Utilities covers various tools and utilities necessary to monitor and maintain complex systems consisting of multiple Workflow Server applications working together.

Also look at Workflow Server Releases page to see what new features and bug fixes introduced in latest releases.

See also:
Workflow Server Guide
Sample Application
Configuration Reference
Class Library Reference
Coding Standards
Tools & Utilities
Workflow Server Releases
How to

Useful links

Developer's site: http://www.hill30.com
Our project on Sourceforge.net: http://sourceforge.net/projects/workflow-server
Subversion repository: svn://svn.hill30.com/workflow-server
Feature requests: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=157780&atid=805190
Contact us: info@workflowserver.com

License Agreement

The Workflow Server software is available under the GNU LGPL license

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